Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Could the end be near?

Katie got her first of two COVID-19 vaccinations. No problems so far! I am on a waiting list now because I may be considered high risk. Hopefully I'll get mine in a few weeks. Mom and Dad are also waiting. They'll get theirs before I do.

Still going stir crazy. We're going to be hit with another big winter storm tomorrow. So I can't even go out to Katie's house and vice versa. I guess I'll spend the next couple of snow days cleaning my closet. A task I've been dreading, but needs to be done. Ugh.

This week I'm baking Valentine's Day cookies for the family, and a (belated) birthday cake for a friend. Plus I'm decorating old candy boxes to put the cookies in! At least I have my hobbies to keep me busy.

I had a couple of unexpected extra eBay sales this week, so I treated myself to the cute doll cocoa stand that I'd wanted to get before Christmas. Target wasn't shipping them back then, so I figured I'd better get it now. It's going to be a great display. I had to do a Target pick-up for Valentine's stuff this week, so I added one more small Our Generation piece for Courtney. A purse with sunglasses and mini nail polish bottles. Keep calm and do your nails, Courtney!

Tags: covid19, crafty!, family stuff, toys!, weather

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