Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More winter fun?

I may be stuck at home for a while. More snow is coming over the next week. We could get at least 8 inches. *laughs in South Dakota and Colorado* I've seen worse. But we rarely get that much snow in central Virginia!

It's not like I'll be bored. I have new cross stitch projects planned, and I'm working on crafts for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. And lots of doll adventures planned.

Speaking of, I treated myself to this wonderful cocoa stand set from Our Generation. The modern dolls are adorable with it.

I had so much fun setting it up.

Katie got her first ever tattoos on Monday. No, she's not being a rebel. They're just dots to guide the radiation therapy when she starts it in a couple of weeks. Just another step towards beating breast cancer!
Tags: crafty!, cross stitch, fuck cancer, toys!, weather

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