Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Spring Forward!

Spring doesn't actually start for another week, but the spring flowers are coming up. I always get so excited when I see the first daffodil:

I'm starting my spring crafts. I made two Easter table centerpieces, and I'm making a Peeps bunny wreath for Katie. I also cross stitched this bag:

The bags are from Target. I need to get more, because they make awesome little gifts!

Spring means spring cleaning. It's time to dust off every doll in my collection. And some of the AGs need hair care. Courtney needed a curl refreshing!

I'm feeling so much better. The weather has been sunny and warm. There is a cold snap coming, but it won't last long. I did have some minor reactions to my second Covid shot, but I'm fine now. In two weeks, I'm going to see my hairdresser for a long overdue trim!

Katie only has six more radiation treatments. She's still doing great, although the target area is itching a bit. She's already making post-treatment travel plans, so I'm going to be taking care of Giada in April a couple of times. Things are slowly getting back to normal.
Tags: covid 19, fuck cancer, garden, toys!, weather

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