Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Black Knight is back!

A new mini series- Curse of the Ebony Blade. I enjoyed the first issue, except for the way he's treated by the Avengers. That is totally out of character, especially from Captain America. Despite his issues, he was a valued member of the team and good friends with many members (Hawkeye and Hercules come to mind). Thor in particular is an asshole. I'm not sure where this series is heading, other than some new looks into the history of the Black Knights and the Blade. But I'm interested enough to keep going through the five issues.

Issue one's climax has Dane getting his head lopped off by the bad guy, who is trying to steal the Blade. He gets better...

Same, Dane. Same.

Entertaining. Very brief glimpses of Dane's past and why he is the way he is (outside of the Blade's influence). It looks like we're going to get a whole lot more.
Tags: avengers, comics

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