Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Radiation therapy- done!

Katie had her last treatment today. We had a mini celebration with take out Thai, and I made a pig pickin' pie for dessert:

She's so happy to be done. She's been so tired! But she had a good weekend with friends, a wine tasting and hiking at Calendon State Park. I hope I get to do that soon, too. Sam and his girlfriend are coming by this weekend on their way to New York, so that also makes her happy!

Today got off to a rough start, because Dad had to go to the ER because of back pain. He couldn't get an appointment and his doctor's office recommended that he go to the hospital. Big waste of time. They just did blood tests, etc., no X-rays or anything, and gave him more painkillers. He's actually feeling better now at home, but would really like to know what's wrong. Ugh, American health care.

Also, there was a mass shooting today in Boulder, at a King Soopers supermarket not far from the University of Colorado campus. No official numbers of dead or injured yet, but some witnesses have said at least six. I've been in that area many times for band and choir events. It's crowded and that store is very busy. I'll be surprised if the death toll stays at six. I hope it stays low, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes higher.

ETA- Ten dead, including a police officer. Dammit.

ETA 2- This shooting happened less than a week after the mass shooting in Atlanta that left eight dead- six of them Asian women. Hate crimes against the Asian-American community have gone up since the beginning of the pandemic.
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