Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A 70s/80s icon is gone.

Fashion designer Jessica McClintock died last month at age 90. Her Gunne Sax label had dreamy dresses for prom or a casual prairie style. I grew up wearing Gunne Sax dresses that my mom either sewed for me from official patterns, or bought whenever there was a good sale. Of course any formal dress had to be Gunne Sax! Here is the Seventeen Magazine ad for my junior prom dress:

I got it at Broadway Southwest in the Westminster Mall in Colorado. The store, the mall, and the dress (which I foolishly gave away) are all long gone.

I don't have a photo of my senior Homecoming dress, found at Joslin's (now Dillard's). It was a sweet black and white cocktail dress.

I still have my senior prom dress! It was an exclusive for Ups N Downs (another store I miss).

It originally had three layers of the green. I carefully removed the bottom layer when I wanted to update the dress for a college formal. The extra fabric is in a box somewhere.

Looking through Instagram and Pintrest pages this week made me feel very nostalgic! I always loved McClintock's clothes. I had so much trouble deciding which dress to get for the junior prom, but for the senior I knew right away I wanted the green one!
Tags: nostalgia attack!

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