Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A day of firsts.

First haircut in eight months, first church service actually in church in a year, first family dinner out at a restaurant in a year.

My church had in person Good Friday services today. There were only a few people in the congregation (including my family), but there were more people online. Easter Sunday will be in the churchyard. It's supposed to be a nice day- sunny and warm, though I'll have to wear a sweater in the morning.

After church, my parents and sister and I went out to dinner. It was great to actually eat in the restaurant! We went to a good Mexican place.

My hair is ready for Easter! My hairdresser cut off about three inches. It looks so much better now.

Katie's hair is starting to grow back. It's taking longer than mine did, but she did have more chemo. She gave me back my wig, because she never bothered to wear it. I only wore it twice!
Tags: family stuff, fuck cancer

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