Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A draining week.

I was away from home for an entire week. Two days at Katie's house watching Giada, then on to Louisville with an overnight stop in Charleston, West Virginia. Aunt Pauletta's visitation at the funeral home was on Tuesday, and lasted most of the day. The flowers were gorgeous,
and there were a lot of photos and videos about her life.

My family's flowers:

A photo collage:

Uncle John's flowers, and one of many banners Aunt Pauletta made for her church:

The funeral was short and emotional.
Uncle Brad and Sarah gave the eulogies. After the burial service, there was a nice reception. The surviving cousins were all there. We took a photo together, with me holding a picture of Debbie. So we were kind of all there, at least in spirit.

We were all invited to take flowers from the arrangements. I'm going to dry mine out. The daisies are being pressed right now.

After the funeral and reception, we went back to Uncle Brad's house. He brought out some of Aunt Pauletta's jewelry and let us take what we wanted, anything that especially reminded us of her. I got some nice things.

We went straight home from Louisville in one day. It took me two days to recover from the trip.
Tags: family stuff, kentucky

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