Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Boom boom boom!

I had a nice Fourth of July with my family. After church we had lunch at Red Lobster instead of having a cookout. We went to Belk after lunch to shop, and I found some great new tops. Then at home, we had our usual Fourth of July dessert, Red, White, and Blue. Later, Dad and I went to see the fireworks. It was at a distance, but still a good show!

Some fireworks:

I didn’t do a lot of decorating, but I did a small doll display. McKenna and Briony dressed up in red, white, and blue, with pinwheels and "firecrackers".

I'm glad I had a good day. I've been feeling somewhat depressed this past week. No reason.

Oh, there's other news. Sam got a new job and is moving to New York! This means our Thanksgiving plans will change a bit. Obviously Katie and I are still going to Disney World, but probably won't stop in Charleston.
Tags: disney world, family stuff, toys!

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