Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


Getting ready for Halloween! I found a great haunted doll house kit at Michaels and assembled it right away. Here it is with Briony and Hairdorables Sallee to show the scale.

It's not a regular 1:12 scale house. It's still big enough to display a lot of Halloween miniatures and toys, including Funko Pop figures! I bought the Funko of Tom Hanks' Saturday Night Live Halloween character, David S. Pumpkins! Any questions?

Not much else going on. I'm finally completely healed from my tooth extraction. One little chip was left in after the surgery (oops) and worked its way out. Fortunately, that was the last trouble I had. Mom's high school reunion, delayed from last year, was canceled. She's so disappointed. But now we may take a trip to NYC in October to see Sam. Katie and I are going on an apple picking and wine tasting excursion with a couple of friends in late September. One of the good things about fall- apple picking and seeing the leaves.
Tags: crafty!, family stuff, halloween, health woes, toys!

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