Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

First fall weekend.

I went to the Upper Shirley Vineyards with Katie and Regi yesterday. It's next to the 17th century Shirley Plantation. We were too late for the last tour of the plantation, but had fun walking around the vineyard's grounds. We had lunch and tasted some wines. I had an amazing fried green tomato salad and a wine slushy pop. Delicious. It was a beautiful day.


Gorgeous setting. The Plantation and Vineyards are right on the James River. And the weather was perfect.

Tomorrow or Friday, Katie and I will go apple picking with Dad.

Meanwhile, three years ago today, my oncologist told me I was in remission! Two more years and I'm pretty much cleared (with annual check ups).
Tags: family stuff, fuck cancer, virginia, weather

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