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I see better from a distance.

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2 August 1971
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New name, new bio. Molly is for Molly Hooper from BBC's Sherlock, Barton is for Clint "Hawkeye" Barton from The Avengers. I wanted it to match my Tumblr name, mollyhooper-barton, but that was too long.

Kiramowett is no more. Kira the cat passed away nearly four years ago, her "brother" Eddie followed a year and a half later. :( I am now owned by a furry pain in the ass named Rory, named for a Doctor Who companion. There will always be at least one cat in my life...Rory is number ten. As for Mowett, well, Master and Commander came out nearly ten years ago. Time to move on.

I'm still known as Kira's Mom at my "home", http://www.trekbbs.com. Kira may be gone, but she'll always be my fur kid.

My Tumblr: http://mollyhooper-barton.tumblr.com/

I do a lot of crafting, and now I sell my jewelry on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissKiraBartonsPlace

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